Be The Dolphin

About the Book

What comes before mindfulness? What do you need to look at before you can even settle down to be mindful? Melinda McDonald Pajak points out the true importance of energy awareness and management in her new book, Be the Dolphin: How to Live a Heart-Centered Life.

The author sets forth a framework for understanding yourself and others in terms of energy that changes your life from the moment you hear it. You cannot go back to how you used to see things. Your understanding of energy and how this affects your everyday relationships sharpens and expands at the same time. The insight of the three energy types—the shark, the carp, and the dolphin—opens you up to a new path of flow, joy, and playfulness that you have simply forgotten.

Entertaining stories, practical exercises, and enlightening examples from the real world all bring to light how to live like a dolphin and find your way back to joy. Based upon the principles that we are all connected, we are each responsible, and we each need to consciously choose love over fear, Melinda then reveals the heart of the work which is understanding how we individually fill ourselves up with energy each day and begin to be aware of how this dips and spikes. Our happiness is heavily dependent upon our energy level but we have not consciously looked at this before except in terms of eating and diet. This is not that book. Be the Dolphin explores a deeper level of energy that gets passed between humans in every single interaction we have during the day. How do you maintain that energy? How do you pick yourself up or calm yourself down? How do you recognize the effect other people have on your energy? How do you move through life with love at your center and keep your energy up? This revolutionary guide for living a heart-centered life will answer these questions and more, lifting you up and getting you back to living like a dolphin in no time.

We are all made up of energy. Our universe is made up of this same stuff—every table, flower, cute dog, fork, bean bag, all of it is made of energy. How much time do you spend every day thinking about the energy inside of you? Are you tired and frustrated or serene and calm? Have you thought that these moods might be directly related to your energy level?

It all comes down to mindfulness which Jon Kabat-Zinn defines as “mindfulness means paying attention in a particular way; on purpose, in the present moment, and non judgmentally.”  It’s about being aware and being present without judging yourself. It’s a quiet, focused, yet energetic way of being in the present moment. And it all starts with understanding your own energy and where you get it from.

So, why is this important? Well, are happiness and positive relationships important to you? Heck yeah! Mindfulness is an excellent way to experience more happiness in every moment and when you are happier, your relationships with everyone improve especially those with friends and family.

My book, Be the Dolphin: How to Live A Heart-Centered Life is available now. Check it out.

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